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Company profile


CSnet Associates started its operations in Greece in January of 2007 as a professional services provider.
Focused mainly in providing SAP implementation services and based on partnerships within the Information Technology and software services market, continues its growth in Greece and Europe.


Our Mission

We aim to use every possible known professional resource to manage our customers' projects with solid and transparent way.
Our provided services network is expanded in several areas specialised in information science and systems automation.
Our partners network consists of a broad number of experienced professionals such as consultants, contractors, electricians, constructors, tax advisors, agents, etc. promising to provide the best solution for your needs, in an affordable cost and always in time and in place.


Our Strategy

Our primary goal is to keep you fully satisfied with the quality of service and the solution success. Together we wil find out your real needs, your requirements and the possible future developments, which will drive your business to success.
Let us then provide you a full technical and financial offer of our solution to your dreams and your goals.


Our Policy

  • Total solution management
  • One face to customer
  • Fast and solid project execution
  • Quality assurance upon delivery
  • Lifetime solution support